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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Serious Week 1

Well hello blog! It's been a long time, especially since I really did not have much to report. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but something inside me finally snapped this week. I have decided that if I truly want to finish this 1/2 marathon without getting sick (like last year), I need to stay focused!

I was trying not to go over a calorie goal of 1800 per day. For me this seemed more like a challenge instead of a guide. Everyday I was getting as close to this goal as possible then happy I didn't go over. I was also not exercising because, well I'll just say it, I have become too lazy!

Changes have now been made and my progress seems to be improving. I dropped my calorie intake goal to 1500 per day and have decided to work out 90 mins per day. I have never been one who enjoys working out so this has been quite a challenge. I walk for an hour outside when it's nice then will later kill myself on the elliptical for 30 minutes. If the weather doesn't want to cooperate then I will do the exercise bike for an hour instead of walking. Let me tell you, last night my leg muscles hurt so bad! However, this morning after I got up and starting moving around I feel great!

Making better food choices is also making me feel less hungry and better about logging those calories. Just because a chocolate chip cookie only has about 78 calories does not mean I have to eat it. An apple makes a much better choice coming in at only 80 calories! I have always loved fruits and vegetables so that transition has not been very hard. My biggest challenge will be this weekend when we head to Seattle for some fun.  There are so many great restaurants there and some times I get a little out of control. I just have to remember there are healthier choices even at those great restaurants!

Here's to moving forward and finally being on the right track! My new motivation has arrived and I say:
Bring it on Rock 'N Roll 1/2 Marathon!

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